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Tomorrow’s Transport Today: Fast and efficient but sustainable and accessible to all?

The Outrage and Optimism podcast gazes into the crystal ball with the very people planning tomorrow’s transport right now. From high-speed pods to flying taxis; pioneers, politicians and professors talk about how they propose to move people and product around our cities over the next 30 years.

Outrage + Optimism is a chart-topping climate change podcast, known for discussing the toughest sustainability challenges of our time with the world’s leading climate experts. “The Future of Urban Mobility” is the fourth episode of their podcast miniseries, sponsored by Neste.

What are our transport planners thinking?

In the final of four episodes looking at climate change and sustainability, the show’s hosts Christiana FigueresTom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson are joined by talented high-tech inventors, visionary CEOs, creative urban planners and climate friendly politicians, to discuss what we urgently need to do over next three decades.

The podcast explores the future of transport, looking at some of the world’s busiest cities and the decisions that are made today to keep people and product on the move, without literally costing the earth.

Over 1.4 million people worldwide are killed every year in traffic accidents. Toxic air is shortening people’s lives as for the first time, air pollution has even been cited on a death certificate. In many of our cities the traffic conditions can be described as chronic; did we really plan for six ring roads in one city, with schools nearby?

“It’s not the old way, it’s the new way”

With 7 out of 10 people expected to live in urban areas by 2025 worldwide, everyone agrees that we need to plan methods and modes of transport. We should be able to live, work, play and socialize near our homes, but how to do it sustainably? The podcast takes you from San Pablo to London, Montréal to Kampala as it looks at the challenges of creating more sustainable cities.

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Change runs on renewables

The miniseries is sponsored by Neste, a company that is in the business of combating climate change and driving circular economy by offering sustainable solutions for clients in transport as well as the polymers and chemicals industry.

Neste believes that there is no one silver bullet for decarbonizing transport, but we need to support all available solutions to reach our climate goals.

As a company that has been transforming itself into a global leader of renewable fuels refined from waste and residues, Neste urges everyone to join the fight against climate change.



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