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How to decarbonize shipping? Industry leaders answer on the Outrage + Optimism podcast

Decarbonizing shipping is framed to be a mission impossible. But does it truly have to be? Outrage + Optimism podcast miniseries, sponsored by Neste, discusses with industry leaders.

Outrage + Optimism is a chart-topping climate change podcast, known for discussing the toughest sustainability challenges of our time with the world’s leading climate experts. The third episode of their podcast miniseries “Future of Transport”, sponsored by Neste, uncovers the future of a controversial industry: shipping.

A massive need to decarbonize – What’s Episode 3 “Future of Shipping” all about?

The latest episode explores the massive political, technological and mental transformation we need to decarbonize shipping. The starting point is this:

Shipping carries 90% of the world’s trade and accounts for 2–3% of global CO2 emissions. Yet, the industry’s decarbonization efforts are lagging far behind road transport and aviation. Why is the shipping industry especially difficult to change? And most importantly, how can it move forward?

The show’s hosts (sustainability masterminds Christiana FigueresTom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson) are joined by researchers, CEOs and political figures to discuss the options and obstacles for decarbonizing shipping.

Ranging from alternative future fuels, to the controversial state of regulation by the IMO (International Maritime Organization), prepare yourself for a thought-provoking discussion on a topic that touches every individual, business and government.

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Change runs on renewables

The miniseries is sponsored by Neste, a company that is in the business of combating climate change and driving circular economy by offering sustainable solutions for clients in transport as well as the polymers and chemicals industry.

Neste believes that there is no one silver bullet for decarbonizing transport, but we need to support all available solutions to reach our climate goals.

For road transport and aviation, Neste now offers its Neste MY Renewable Diesel and Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel – both high-quality biofuels that cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% over the fuel’s lifecycle compared to fossil diesel.

For marine transport, Neste currently offers refined high-quality, low-sulphur bunker fuels called Neste Marine™ 0.1 and Neste Marine™ 0.5, in line with the IMO’s regulation. Moreover, with a strong tradition in R&D, Neste is highly invested in innovating for new solutions to decarbonize all modes of transport.

As a company that has been transforming itself into a global leader of renewable fuels refined from waste and residues, Neste urges everyone to join the fight against climate change



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