Recycling concrete and asphalt in the City of Oakland on a much smaller carbon footprint

Recycling concrete and asphalt in the City of Oakland on a much smaller carbon footprint

As a sustainably driven business, Argent Materials, is responsible for cleaning up illegally dumped materials from eight miles of East Oakland streets daily. On average, Argent removes six tons of trash every week and recycles the items when possible.

 Recycling concrete and asphalt in the City of Oakland on a much smaller carbon footprint
  • Argent Materials 

Premier eco-friendly concrete and asphalt recycling company in California 

  • 100% of Argent’s diesel based equipment and vehicles 

Powered by renewable diesel 

  • Reducing 1,340 metric tons of CO₂ annually

Through the partnership with Neste


Our social contract has become a guiding principle for Argent. To know that I can look my children in the eyes, and my grandchildren, to know that we are doing the right thing for them is important.
– Bill Crotinger, President & CEO, Argent Materials

3 challenges Argent Materials wanted to solve 

  • Finding a today solution to immediately reduce carbon footprint
  • Fully compatible with existing equipment 

Eliminate the use of fossil fuels from its fleet


Located in the heart of downtown Oakland, Argent is always looking to expand its environmentally mindful business efforts even further - that is why in 2020, the company made the decision to switch from petroleum diesel to Neste MY Renewable Diesel to fuel the company’s diesel-powered equipment, including wheel loaders, excavators to bobcats and water trucks. 


Since switching to renewable diesel, Argent’s diesel-powered equipment emits no new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere and significantly less fine particulates and nitrogen oxides, improving local air quality. As a result, Argent and Neste have kept 1,340 metric tons of CO₂ out of the atmosphere each year, which is equal to planting 6,600 trees. 

“When you run millions of dollars of equipment, the legacy you leave behind, the impact you have is more important. The great thing about Neste MY Renewable Diesel is that you get to do both,” said Bill Crotinger, President & CEO, Argent Materials. 

Together with Neste, Argent focuses not only on reducing pounds of waste from local landfills, but also in reducing the company’s carbon footprint and contributing to cleaner air for California residents while fighting against climate change.

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