Gas filling station design and execution country-wide.

Gas filling station design and execution country-wide


Gasum is expanding its gas filling capacity all the while to answer to the increasing demand and create a Nordic gas ecosystem to reach the policy target for carbon-free transport by 2045.
To reach the aforementioned, a flexible and loyal engineering partner is needed.

  • Country-wide design and implementation

of >20 gas filling stations (LNG, CNG, LCNG, CBG). 

  • Overall CO2 reduction

in the range of 25% savings vs. regular diesel.  

  • Fine-tuned cooperation.

3 challenges Gasum wanted to solve:

1) Answer the increased demand.

2) Create Nordic gas ecosystem.

3) Reach domestic policy targets.


Thanks to a long cooperation history and multiple joint cases, since the establishment of Gasum, the approach to and the engineering process for each individual gas filling station study has been fine-tuned and staged to answer the demand as well as possible.


Neste Engineering Solutions,

Neste Engineering Solutions,

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