Third expansion of a fermentation plant for enzyme manufacturing

Expansion of a fermentation plant for enzyme manufacturing


Roal Ltd, a high-growth biotechnology company manufacturing industrial enzymes, wanted to expand their existing enzyme production plant in Rajamäki, Finland. Roal's enzyme production plant serves food, clothing, feed and pulp & paper processing industries globally.

  • Long customer relationship

since 1991.

  • +40%

capacity expansion of Roal Oy's enzymes production.

  • Succesful

EPCM model execution.

Roal and Neste Engineering Solutions had been collaborating since 1991, during which time multiple Basic Engineering and Execution phases had been previously realized by Neste Engineering Solution.

Challenges Roal wanted to solve:

1. The increasing demand for biological catalysts

Roal wanted to answer the increasing demand for biological catalysts.

2. Suitable partner

Find a partner with know-how in engineering, cGMP standards as well as in process performance guaranteeing.

Neste Engineering Solutions has a strong competence in the planning of the biotechnical processes, which we appreciate a lot.
– Terry Doyle, Project Director, Roal Oy


Neste Engineering Solutions delivered the detailed engineering and execution services.


Neste Engineering Solutions,

Neste Engineering Solutions,

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