Perfect isn’t possible. Progress always is.

Zero-carbon transport is coming. In the meantime, we’re increasing production of renewable fuels to help keep the world moving in the right direction.

Animation of the city of Singapore with view of the mountains, water and a white truck passing by.

Redefining how the world moves.

The world needs to keep moving, yet transport must continue to become more sustainable. This is about planet-first businesses redefining how the world moves – and how the world sees them. That’s why our low-carbon fuels are available for land, sea and air today.


Animation of a blue bridge with three white trucks driving through it. Blue mountains in the background and a green field below.

Lifting sustainability. Lowering greenhouse gases.

Our planet can’t wait for perfect. It needs progress now. That’s where Neste’s renewable fuels come in. They burn cleaner and can help replace the use of conventional fuels in diesel and aircraft engines, without modifications. We’ve also recently opened a €1.6 billion expansion to our Singapore refinery, doubling our production capacity there. Overall, we'll be able to provide up to 5.5 million tons of renewables globally by the beginning of 2024.


Animation of the city of Singapore, with tall white and blue buildings. And a green grass field below.

Neste. Let’s fuel change.

Since patenting the original NEXBTL technology in the 1990s, we have consistently increased our production capacity. This makes us the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, with waste and residues accounting for over 90% of the renewable raw material volumes we use annually.


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