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What is the true value of dedicated customer service?

Some things are clearly visible. The top-tier quality of our products and our sustainability activities are just two areas in which Neste Base Oils’ efforts and achievements are well recognized by the industry. But some of our strengths are hidden from plain sight. In this blog post, I’d like to shine a light on how we ensure the world-class quality of our customer service and offer value with it.

Offering solid customer service is at the very core of what we do. Even when unexpected events take place, our resolve remains strong and we perform our duties with a focus on providing peace of mind for our customers. This means continuously ensuring that our team is capable of handling any requests or inquiries, and helping customers to overcome potential challenges. We also guarantee support in our customers’ everyday operations, while maintaining smooth and clear communication.

And all of this is the foundation our service is built upon. With close to 10,000 transactions with a wide variety of parcel sizes and shipping methods handled by our team in 2019, we clearly see that there are many opportunities for us to take some of the burden off our customers’ shoulders. Feedback received from our customer surveys proves that we’re on a good path with our efforts - I’ve taken the liberty of using some examples as headings in my blog.

“All of it clicks like clockwork”

Ask yourself this question – what do you see as the most important factor contributing to the success of your business? As the Customer Service Manager of Neste Base Oils’ customer service team, I believe it’s the people. When they have a strong spirit, a great attitude and achieving success in mind, delivering value is made easier.

And exactly these characteristics allow us to live and breathe customer service. We are organized and act as a tightly-knit team with clear responsibilities. With a positive can-do attitude, we remain constantly driven and committed to enabling our customers to reach their goals while using the knowledge and experience accumulated over years of our work. But how does this translate to our everyday operations?

“Silent running or smooth communication – what else can a customer desire?”

From the ground up, our team is built in a way that allows us to effectively answer customer needs. By providing a key contact person for each customer – and dedicated backup team members – we not only ensure that a strong relationship is established, but also that we have a good understanding of our customers’ businesses. On top of that, we always make sure that smooth, two-way communication is a priority.

This, in turn, provides two advantages. Armed with our knowledge and supported by our IT systems, we can anticipate events a few steps ahead and better understand the future impact of things that are happening right now. With this foresight, we can proactively respond to any upcoming challenges and find alternative solutions, providing peace of mind for our customers. This also extends to our logistics network, which has the needed flexibility to adapt to any situation or potential change in the needs of our customers.

“Extremely satisfied – not much room for improvement”

I believe that in an increasingly complicated reality, where unexpected events – like the COVID-19 pandemic – can suddenly impact how the whole world functions, having a partner that you know you can always rely on is essential. 

Do the great results achieved by our customer service mean we can rest on our laurels? Quite the contrary. Constantly delivering value means that we are searching for ways to make even small improvements in our ways of working. This is done by analyzing and applying feedback from customer satisfaction surveys, reviewing our processes, internal discussions and regular analysis of gathered data to name just a few of our best practices. Because no matter how good we are, enabling the success of our customers means learning, optimizing and working together towards a common goal. And we do all of that with our values always at heart - we care, we have courage and we cooperate.

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