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NEXBASE™ podcast: A deep dive into industry specifications for lubricating oils – from an OEM perspective

Meeting industry specifications is a fundamental requirement for almost all lubricating motor oils. A lot of work goes into defining the need for multiple OEM industry specifications involving oil marketers, additive companies and OEMs.This ensures the specification protects engines by balancing performance needs and ensuring the finished oil is available to the consumer in a fair and timely manner.

In this podcast, we dive deep into the role of industry specifications for lubricating motor oils, again provided to you by Neste, your trusted source for industry information. This time we’re looking at industry specifications from an OEM’s perspective.  For an OEM, industry specifications give direction on how base oils meet the most challenging OEM requirements in terms of performance and protecting engines. In this episode, we are joined by Ron Romano, recently retired from Ford Motor Company. 

This second podcast is a continuation of our previous podcast episode, which covered the basics of motor oil specifications and approvals and explained how approved base oil slates add value for blenders and other industry participants.  So, if you’re interested in understanding why OEMs value industry lubricating motor oil specifications and how they are created and implemented, this podcast episode is just for you.

Here's what you'll learn about, in less than 20 minutes:

 Why do OEMs value and require lubricant oil specifications?  Why do many OEMs support industry specifications as opposed to OEM specifications?  How does the Auto/Oil partnership work in validating OEM needs and creating specifications?  ​How do industry participants work together to ensure new formulations balance the sometimes conflicting technical requirements to protect engines?  Why did Ford request a supplemental classification to API CK-4?


Chris Castanien

Technical Service Manager for the Americas, Neste (Technical expert, OEM trends)


Ron Romano

Recently retired from the Ford Motor Company


Chris Castanien, Technical Service Manager, Neste

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