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NEXBASE podcast: Neste introduces NEXBASE 4+ base oil made with renewable raw materials

Listen to the latest podcast introducing a new Group III+ addition to the NEXBASE™ slate, NEXBASE 4+ base stock, made with renewable raw materials. Don’t miss this intriguing discussion about the features and benefits that the new product can offer to our customers.

In this episode, we will be discussing NEXBASE™ 4+, a high-performance Group III+ base stock and a drop-in replacement for fossil-based Group III+ base oils and PAO (polyalphaolefin) in low-viscosity, low-volatility engine oils. It enables lubricant manufacturers to formulate the most demanding global OEM lubricants that can contribute to improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, better machine durability and wear prevention while also reducing their carbon footprint*. 

To name a few topics, we discuss the credentials of NEXBASE 4+, such as the fact that over 60% of the molecules are manufactured with renewable raw materials.  

In around 13 minutes, you will learn answers to these key questions:

  • What are the NEXBASE 4+ performance benefits, and how can they enable the formulating and marketing of low carbon footprint lubricants?
  • How does the new product help additive companies and formulators to gain approvals for all the new low viscosity, low volatility specifications?
  • What blending possibilities does NEXBASE 4+ open up for the NEXBASE slate?
  • Why does NEXBASE 4+ bring new opportunities to Neste’s customers?


Chris Castanien, Technical Service Manager for the Americas, Neste (Technical expert, OEM trends)


Ed Potter, Head of Specialty Products, Neste

Kari Kulmala, Technical Product Manager, Neste (Technical expert, approvals)

*Carbon footprint of NEXBASE 4+ is based on Neste´s Life Cycle Assessment conducted in March 2021. Carbon footprint of Group III and PAO base oils are from the LCA study by Girotti et al. (Giorgia Girotti, Andrea Raimondi, Gian Andrea Blengini, and Debora Fino, “The Contribution of Lube Additives to the Life Cycle Impacts of Fully Formulated Petroleum-Based Lubricants”. American Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (11): 1232-1240, 2011)


Chris Castanien, Technical Service Manager, Neste

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